Green event certification

Your events are generating too much waste? Don’t feel bad, Green U is here to help! Here is an easy way to make sure your next event will be green: apply to our Green Event Certification.

Student Green event sponsorship from ECO

If you are a student organization, even better: you can get SPONSORED to go green, just download the ECO sponsorship form and contact ECO Agency to learn more.

Certification process for an event:

green green-event-header

- Step 1: Download this Form/Application, save it and open it in Adobe Acrobat
Go over the checklist with your office/organization/department manager, and if you are ready, sign it electronically and send it back to

- Step 2: Download the Green Event logo here and add it to your promotional material

- Step 3: Send your Green event pictures and all copies of required email to within 5 days


Green Catering at UM with InStyle:

InStyle catering can develop and adjust any menu offering to suit your eco-friendly wishes. We offer Wild Salmon, Free range chicken and our produce are all locally grown are just a few sustainable options possible.
We can help build a menu utilizing all our local resources. In addition we can also help reduce the waste generated at your event by using:

- Real China vs. paper/plastic (additional fees apply)
- Bamboo Service ware (additional fees apply)
- Corn based utensils (additional fees apply)
- Recycled or compostable paper goods (additional fees)
- Serving Bulk vs. PC’s
- Bulk water vs. Bottled Water

Here is a Menu sample for inspiration
Contact Instyle for more details


Green Event Certification Benefits :
- Get help and resources from the Green U office.
- Show your audience that you are really committed to sustainability, one of UM’s core values.
- Take pictures of your event green features and Green U will promote your efforts through social media.
- Get some FREE Green U giveaways for your guests.