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Sustainability Interest Group
You teach a class that includes a sustainability section or is entirely geared towards this topic? You are conducting research that involve sustainability in your own field, Medicine, Communication, Engineering, Architecture, Nursing, Business…?
Please join our Sustainability Interest Group on Black Board, and become an agent of change at UM! 
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If you want to go “green” at the workplace, apply for the Green Office certification program and get a basic training in Sustainability: Recycling, Energy conservation, Water conservation, Green purchasing and printing, Nature conservation, Green outreach and leadership.
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As a prestigious academic institution the University of Miami strives to incorporate environmental education across the curriculum.

Environmental Sustainability Certificate
Knowledge of sustainability is now a requisite for a growing number of professions, as businesses, organizations, and educational institutions confront the challenges of a rapidly modernizing and increasingly connected world subject to climate change, mass movements of people, limits to energy and water supplies, and diminishing biodiversity.

The certificate program will:
- Serve as a curricular adjunct to sustainable initiatives at UM.
- Foster a culture of conservation at the University.
- Enhance students’ preparation for a variety of careers, including engineering, architecture, business, marketing, government, and more.
- Affirm UM’s commitment to sustainability and complement its efforts to enhance environmental education.

You will need to take:
1 - Global Sustainability Cognate
2 - 9 other credits that you can pick from an exhaustive list of electives.
For the complete list, download this pdf
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For more information, visit and Contact Gina Maranto