Green Liaisons

Peer to peer sustainability education program for staff and faculty at the U

University of Miami faculty and staff are invited to volunteer as Green Liaisons for their respective offices, units, or departments. Green Liaisons will share information about environmental sustainability initiatives and opportunities while identifying improvements in their own units, to support of the University’ Sustainability Action Plan. This plan based on our 2015 baseline from our STARS Silver rating is comprehensive and ambitious. Its goals will only be reached if the entire UM community is involved in these efforts. The mission of the Green Liaison Program is to achieve this involvement by promoting an ethic of environmental responsibility campus-wide.

Job description for Green Liaisons:

-  Raise awareness about environmentally-friendly activities and behaviors;
-  Act as informational channels regarding UM sustainability programs and initiatives
   (ex: Green Office, Green Lab, U Conserve Campaign…)
-  Identify and initiate environmental projects in academic and administrative units across the University.

Green Liaisons Commitment:

- Take our online application.
- 2h/month (outreach, reporting, program implementation)
- One time occurrence: 1h30 “Sustainability 101 at the U” webinar
- Once a year: 1h Lunch and Learn training workshop (speakers and community stakeholders will intervene on different sustainability topics, sometimes paired with an on-campus tour of specific buildings or facilities)

A Sustainability literacy survey will be sent every year to track the efficiency of our program.