RecycleMania is a friendly competition and benchmarking tool for university recycling programs to promote waste reduction to their campus communities.


Fourth week: 2nd place with Lbs 4.8 per capita

Last Tabling event: Thursday March 9 at the Stanford Tower during the dinner rush

Here are our results from the RecycelMania survey:

Check this out:  DEBUNKING the RECYCLING MYTHS at the U. Thanks to Jessica Deaver and the Green Committee for this.

Check our ECO new labels on recycling bins in and around Dooly Memorial. Next steps: School of Business, UC.

Which item is really recyclable in our county? ECO and the Green Committee are launching Recyclemania in our dorms. A lot of students learnt something after passing by their table.

Here are the answers:

WHEN?  From mid-February to March 2017

HOW DOES IT WORK? Every week, we will announce the ranking of Per Capita recycling in Florida on and on Green U Facebook page


HOW CAN I GET INVOLVED?  Recycle a lot during those 2 months and visit for updates
> If you live in the freshman dorms, go see our Green teams in the lobbies to recycle and win prizes. You’re interested in helping? contact us at
Remember: if non-recyclable items are placed in the blue bin, the entire thing is considered soiled and will be thrown in the trash! 
During RecycleMania, signage thoroughly explaining what can and cannot be recycled will be displayed on the screens in all freshman dorms throughout.

Check this out:  DEBUNKING the RECYCLING MYTHS at the U. Thanks to Jessica Deaver and the Green Committee for this.

Eventually, magnet versions of this signage will be distributed to students so they can place them on their wall as a friendly reminder!

> If you are part of a Fraternity or a Sorority, help us recycle and make Greek Life parties “Green Event” certified. Learn more and contact us at

WHO PARTICIPATES? Florida State University / Florida International University / Eckerd College / Florida Gulf Coast University / Nova Southeastern University / University of South Florida / The University of West Florida

and remember to RECYCLE OFTEN and RECYCLE RIGHT !

3 simple rules of recycling in Miami Dade:

- Recycle all CLEAN and EMPTY bottles, cans, paper and cardboard

- No food, No liquids, in the recycling bin

- No plastic bags in the recycling bin






- Motivate students and staff to increase recycling efforts.

- Decrease the rate of food contamination in our recycling bins.

- Beat our State competitors!