ECO Rep program

“You are a freshman at UM with a passion for the environment, or you just want to have a positive impact on your peers and improve sustainability on your campus? Become an Eco-Rep now! The Eco-Reps are guided by a student government leader and by UM Sustainability manager. Eco-Reps educate the students in their halls on environmental issues like waste reduction and energy conservation by planning dorm activities and events.”


Eco Rep is a program of the Office of Sustainability, Housing and Residence Life, and the Student Government ECO Agency.


  • Students will be selected after filling up an online application
    BEFORE Sept 13th.  

  • 2 ECO-Reps per building working in pair, reporting monthly to the Sustainability manager and the ECO Agency coordinator.
  • Once selected, candidates will go through a 2h training session
    (either Sept 16th or Sept 17th).
  • Incentives:
    - VIP invitation to ECO’s Green Banquet
    - 1 ECO-Rep polo shirt
    - Yearly Certificate of Completion from UM Office of Sustainability

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Job Description:

  • Eco-Reps are enthusiastic students with a passion for environmental stewardship. Any resident student is eligible.
    The pair of ECO Reps assigned to each building NEED to be RESIDENT STUDENTS.

  • Eco-Reps educate the students in their halls on environmental issues like waste reduction, food integrity, green purchasing, water and energy conservation by planning activities, outreach campaigns and events.

  • Time commitment: 3 hours / week. Since most work is done independently, students can work any time that best suits their schedule — from early morning to the middle of the night!

  • Benefits:
    > Leadership experience from your first semester at the U!
    > You will work with multiple UM Departments and have a chance to network on campus.
    > You will receive training in sustainability management
    > As an individual, you will have a lasting impact on residence life at UM
    > You will help build a sustainable future for your campus.
    > You will be featured on our staff website and will get references for future employment.

ECO Reps’ responsibilities:

  • Regular schedule: 3 hours per week that can be worked at any time of the day or night (except for events, masterclasses and meetings).

  • Weekly email reports to Sustainability manager and ECO coordinator covering items we will go over during your training:
    • Recycling outreach
    • Water and energy conservation in HRL outreach
    • Audit of our recycling bins and other waste diversion programs
    • Audit of our water consumption
    • Reports on energy consumption
    • Personal interest outreach (chosen among the topics listed in the application form)

  • Each ECO-Rep team will be responsible for organizing 3 Green masterclasses per year for their Residential College residents using data obtained from their reports and addressing a specific issue/concern (examples given during training session)

  • Each ECO-Rep team will organize 3 Green events per year in their building with the help of the ECO Agency and the Office of Sustainability (1-hour event: Speaker, Movie screening, Green Café debate, coordinate tour of utilities with our Facilities Dpt> see below for examples)

  • Post Green Tips through HRL (screens, emails/newsletter) every month and promote ECO/Green U events

  • Coordinate the Green Move Out next Spring with HRL, the ECO Agency and the Office of Sustainability

Example of Green events:
- Invite Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department to talk about water conservation in the residences.
- Invite Wholefood or a local organic restaurant to talk about food integrity and bring samples.
- Work with Butler Center’s liaisons for Volunteering opportunities
- Support On campus engagement with the Gifford Arboretum and student organizations like the CommUnity Garden Club.
- Organize tours of the Gifford Arboretum, or tours of a LEED Platinum building on campus.

Future Projects: Develop a Green Residential College program; Design a competition on either waste, water or energy (Recyclemania; Killawatt...)