Green Liaisons Webinars

Sustainability 101 webinar

If you want to go “green” in the workplace, apply to the Green Office certification program and get a basic training in Sustainability: Waste reduction, Recycling, Energy efficiency, Water conservation, Green buildings and green purchasing, Sustainable food systemss, Nature conservation, Green community outreach and leadership. Register through U Learn (keyword: "Sustainability 101 Webinar").
You will be granted 2 Professional Development credits.


Sustainable Food and Diet 101 webinar

This 1-hour webinar will give you a chance to understand the relationship between our food system and the planet, as well as between our diet choices and climate change. Feel better, be healthier, and be a good steward of our environment! It is easier than you think, and you can start at the U—Green U is here to help! The Sustainable Food and Diet 101 webinar will grant you 50 points on your Well 'Canes account.
Register through U Learn (keyword: "Sustainability 101 Webinar").

Alternative Mobility 101 webinar

Coming soon...



This is a 1h webinar open to any faculty or staff member. The workshop is recommended for green leaders participating in the Green Office certification program. It will introduce the participants to Environmental and Climate Change science basics. More than a theoretical approach, it will give participants hands on solutions to integrate sustainability practices in the workplace.