Green Liaisons

Peer to peer sustainability education program for staff and faculty at the U

University of Miami faculty and staff can volunteer as Green Liaisons for their respective offices, units, or departments. Green Liaisons share information about environmental sustainability initiatives and opportunities while identifying improvements in their own units, to support the University’ Sustainability Mission. This mission can only be fulfilled if the entire UM community is involved in these efforts. The goal of the Green Liaison Program is to fulfil that mission by promoting an ethic of environmental responsibility campus-wide.

Green Liaisons' mission:                                                          

Green Liaisons Commitment:

    - 2h/month (outreach, reporting, program implementation)
    - One time occurrence: 1h30 “Sustainability 101 at the U” webinar on U Learn.
    - Once a year: 1h Lunch and Learn training workshop (speakers and community stakeholders will intervene on different sustainability topics, sometimes paired with an on-campus tour of specific buildings or facilities)
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  • Certify your office or department with the Green Office program
Green Liaisons Initiatives
Toner cartridges recycing update:  Learn about our programs from Canon and Staples, visit
Go a step further if you can, like Dean Quelch at the Miami Business School:
"As global citizens, we at MBS are dedicated to sustainability and doing what can be done to minimize our environmental impact.  One such initiative includes building upon our existing thought leadership strengths to drive educational opportunities in sustainability.  Other initiatives relate to MBS’s business practices and personal approaches to sustainability at work.  One such initiative being spearheaded by Dean Quelch is the progressive elimination of plastic bottles and packaging at MBS.
Danielle Sheerer is the Green Liaison in the School of Nursing and Health Studies - Student Services.
She, not only started collecting plastic bags in her department and take them to Publix that has a recycling program, she also added new tips to the list the green office already has.  
Tip 10 ; Tip 12 and celebrated with her team their Gold certification with this email:

Medical campus: SILVER rating for our Dpt of General Surgery Residency Training Program. Special Thanks to our Green champion, Maria Otero. Here are examples from Maria's office on how to apply simple green principles in your office:
Reminders to turn off the lights / Plants improve air quality and wellness / Bring your lunch box, your coffee tumbler, your reusable water bottle, and a small trash bucket > we don't really need that big trask desk bin, most of what's in an office is recyclable! 


Dr. Karoline Briegel, Principal Investagor in the Rosenstiel Medical Science Building decided to pay a little extra to recycle pipette tip boxes with VWR program. Unfortunately, most of #5 plastic containers are not accepted in our Miami Dade County Recycling system, but thanks to green champions like Dr. Briegel, we find new ways of addressing challenges.

Another solution to a recycling headache was brought by Marianne Mijares from the Frost School of Music and her team:  Single Use batteries are not recycled in Miami Dade County unfortunately. 
THE BEST OPTION for offices pursuing the Green Office program: Order your Big Green Box, collect your batteries, when full, ship it back.

Welcome to “Sustainability at the U” modules

Watch this short video, and take the interactive quiz to learn about the many ways you can get involved in making our campus and your workplace more sustainable.

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