Sustainability at the U Orientation module

Check the results of our 2018 Green U Sustainability Survey.
Congratulations to our three prize winners: Hildee Wilson, Talula Thibault and Elizabeth Balbin. Q 23: "Give an example of how you can apply sustainability in your lifestyle, your home or your workplace". Here are some excerpts from the answers we recieved:

On the 352 individuals who took the SUSTAINABILITY SURVEY, nearly 60% were staff, nearly 30% students and a very small portion were faculty members.

The observations made from the results are as follows:
- Answers to local sustainability related matters (5 questions) were mostly accurate (over 90%)
- Answers to workplace sustainability related best practices (7 questions) were also mostly accurate (over 90%)
- General questions for other topics like Water Conservation, Sustainable Food and Environmentally Preferred Products received an average of 70% accuracy (3 questions)
- Questions on international policies, climate science and sustainable development goals received a much lower score: 59% accuracy (8 questions)

The overall average of accurate answers to the survey was 73%.
We are planning to send a new survey every year to follow up on sustainability educational outreach impact on our campuses.



Welcome to the “Sustainability at the U” module

Are you a freshman, transfer student or resident on campus?
Check out this video on all the great green features our beautiful campus has to offer, and hear what President Frenk has to say about Sea Level Rise in our region.In this module you will learn about renewable energy, water conservation, and proper recycling in Miami Dade. After viewing the video, please take this short survey. It will help you learn how to play your part at keeping our campus eco-friendly.To inquire about all the things you can do to make your campus more sustainable, reach out to Green U, our Office of Sustainability.

If you want to get even more involved and leave a green legacy on campus,
contact our Student Government ECO Board

Thank you and keep it Green!


Welcome to the “Sustainability at the U” module for Staff and Faculty

Watch this short video, and take the interactive quiz to learn about the many ways you can get involved in making our campus and your workplace more sustainable.

Green U New Sustainability Literacy Quiz