Sustainable coffee options

 For That Cup of Joe, Reach for the Green

Reducing single use plastic pods waste is great, but what do you do with the coffee ground from your ECO Fill? Compost it in the Gifford Arboretum Sustainable Garden.
Here is how: bring a small bucket to your kitchen, tape this Instructions PDF on it, have someone volunteering to take the bucket once a month and empty it in the garden.


Feel bad about tossing all those little plastic cups from your office’s Keurig coffee machine?
Try using an ECO fill reusable cartridge, which you can fill with coffee that is grown with the health of the planet and the well-being of the people who grow it in mind. Just buy coffee that carries at least one of these logos:
  - USDA Organic - Free from synthetic chemicals
  - Fair Trade certified - Help producers in developing countries achieve better trading and living conditions
  - Rainforest Alliance - Prevent Deforestation and conserve biodiversity

When you decide to use an ECO fill cartridge, place it in a small container and make sure you place this ECO Fill flyer next to your Keurig Coffee maker

And don’t forget to bring your own mug to the workplace. Disposable cups should be for guests only.


If your office uses the Flavia machine instead of Keurig, know that pouches can be RECYCLED!
Visit this website to learn more about it:

If your office uses the Tassimo machine, cartridges can also be recycled.
Visit this website to learn more about it: . Here is a FAQ on Terra Cycle brigade to help you set up a recycling program in your office:



Your office can order a Bunn Wave coffee maker from Paramount and avoid sending all those cups or pouches to landfill.
Click here to learn more