Tap Water


Every March 22, UM celebrates World Water Day
Learn how to conserve water with Miami Dade County Water Use Efficiency manager, and get your free shower timer. Pass by our TAKE BACK THE TAP table! If you guess which water is tap water and which one is bottled water, you may win some prizes.  Visit takebackthetap to learn what you can do to fight ocean plastic pollution. World Water Day will take place during the Ocean Awareness Week Carnival this year. Thanks to Rho Rho Rho, the RSMAS Honor Society for their support.

Water filling stations

Use our top of the line new Water Filling Stations, and save plastic bottles from landfill! You will find one everywhere on campus. In what has become an annual tradition, University of Miami Orientation Week will offer each new student a backpack full of giveaways, introducing them to many of the Cane traditions and spirit.

Reusable water bottles at Orientation
As Orientation week kicks in, a Green U and ECO tradition is back: a reusable bottle was offered to every freshman.  People are using them, they LOVE TAP WATER! 

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