Sustainability Majors and Programs

The ECS major offers a series of problem-based learning courses, culminating in a capstone course in the senior year emphasizing integration of science and policy approaches to real-world environmental issues. Learn more

Minor in Climate Science and Policy
from the Marine and Atmospheric Science Dpt.

Master of Science in Sustainable Business
Moving into the future, the most important business degrees will focus on sustainability – sustainability for our planet as well as sustainability for every facet of business. Being on the forefront of this emerging field is crucial. In turn, the University of Miami's Business School (MBS) is now accepting applications for its new Master of Science in Sustainable Business, with classes beginning in August 2019. Learn more.

Minor in Sustainable Business for undergraduate students. Learn more

The University of Miami is proud to announce its Master of Professional Science degree in Urban Sustainability and Resilience. This exciting program is the result of a collaborative effort between the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Architecture.

Miami is the ideal living laboratory, an urban landscape to explore, analyze and propose solutions to the complex interrelationships among globalization, sustainability and planning, such as health, housing, crime, the environment, disaster mitigation, and sea-level rise. This unique program is designed for students from diverse backgrounds in architecture, environmental sciences, management, social sciences, or those already working in green careers.

The B.A. in Geography and Sustainable Development is our most flexible degree program and combines basic and advanced courses in human-environment interactions, with an additional B.S. option that emphasizes geospatial technology. The curriculum provides an exciting challenge to those who wish to think critically and creatively about the world around them and understand the interactions of socio-environmental changes.  Learn more

Minor in Geography and Sustainable Development
With the Geography and Sustainable Development minor, students will learn all about the interactions between people and nature, the spatial patterns and processes of human and physical phenomena, and the challenges of simultaneously achieving human prosperity and environmental conservation worldwide. Learn more

Construction Management Master of Science
The MS in Construction Management program is designed to develop leaders and managers for complex building projects, with mastery in best practices related to resiliency, sustainability, building information modeling, project delivery and decision-making. The University is uniquely situated in a booming metropolis where commercial and residential construction is a large and important industry. Learn more

Certificate in Sustainable and Resilient Design 

Environmental impacts of building practices, climate change, and rising sea levels are changing the landscape of architecture as a profession. Architects play a central role in selecting material and technology strategies, as well as developing robust adaptation strategies by addressing material impacts and climate stressors in their designs. Research, innovation, and community outreach are central and connected aspects of sustainable and resilient building practices. South Florida is ground zero for issues of coastal resiliency in particular. Available to Graduate students only. Learn more

Green Professional Building Skills Training (GPRO) Certificate
GPRO is North America's top program for teaching the people who build, renovate, and maintain buildings the principles of sustainability combined with the techniques they can use on the job. The University of Miami GPRO Certificate Program is customized for the climate and regional needs of South Florida. Learn more.

Master of Science in Climate and Health
UM's Miller School of Medicine and Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (RSMAS) will launch a new Master of Science in Climate and Health graduate program in Fall 2019. The program will train future generations of professionals, research analysts, planners, decision-makers, and leaders to address the intricate relationship between human health and climate, climate change and weather patterns, and weather anomalies. Learn more.


Global Sustainability: Living on a Finite Planet. Learn more

Sustainable Cities. Learn more