LEED Certified Buildings

The Design and Construction department has taken the lead in ensuring that our buildings are constructed in a sustainable manner.  The department has LEED certified 1.2M SF of Green Buildings to date and is in the process of developing an additional 727K SF of LEED-certified facilities.  We are in the process of "greening" our building component standards so that any sized project or repair is also environmentally responsible.

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  • Phillip and Patricia Frost School of Music - LEED Platinum

    The Phillip and Patricia Frost School of Music is one of the largest and best music schools located in a private university in the U.S., and one of the most comprehensive and relevant in all of higher education. The complex was made possible by the generosity of the school’s naming benefactors Dr. Phillip and Patricia Frost. Designed by award-winning architects Yann Weymouth and HOK, and constructed by Skanska USA, the facility boasts two buildings with 41,089 square feet of upscale teaching spaces and beautiful curb appeal. The Patricia Louise Frost Music Studios is the first LEED® Platinum certified building project in the City of Coral Gables. Learn more

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  •  Student Housing Lakeside Village: LEED Gold


    Developped by Natalia Jimenez

    Innovative design features such as rooftop green spaces, a rain garden, and a LEED Gold Certified construction supports the sustainability initiatives of our campus and local communities.

    1. The village’s green roofs reduce and slow down water runoff, provide food for pollinator species of animals, naturally insulate the building, absorb carbon dioxide to clean the air, and help regulate the climate.
    2. Insulated walls and enhanced window glazing help to regulate the interior temperature without relying on cooling or heating systems.
    3. Innovative heating and cooling systems are designed to condition and filter the air and repurpose it for other uses throughout the facility.
    4. Existing trees and plant life were evaluated and, when possible, were incorporated into the landscape of Lakeside Village or located elsewhere on campus or in the surrounding local area.

  • The Miami Herbert Business School - LEED Gold

    The Miami Herbert Business School, located on the University of Miami Coral Gables campus, has achieved LEED Gold Certification for Existing Building Operations & Maintenance (EBOM) as designated by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) for its environmental performance and sustainable operations.  The project is the first LEED v4.1 OM higher-education building in the State of Florida. Click here to view its LEED scorecard.

    1. Staff and student experience are matched with efficiency with more than 90% LED lighting, in-room air quality sensors, audio/visual and telepresence technology, and automatic window shading.
    2. The building successfully diverts 60% of all waste generated from landfill.
    3. The building is 30% more energy efficient than the national average of university college buildings.
    4. There is a high focus on student and staff ergonomics and comfort with state-of-the-art furniture, indoor foliage, and beautiful views of the outside in nearly every occupied space.

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  • LEED certified building Virtual Tours

    Shalala Student Center - LEED Silver


    Student Services Building - LEED Silver