Earth Week Panelists

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2021 Earth Week Panelists

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  • April 19th

    Thi Squire

    Presenter, "Sustainable Food and Health Care Systems"

    Thi Squire, Community Garden Project Manager of the Grow2Heal Garden at Homestead Hospital, is trying to change the food system within health care.

    Teddy Lhoutellier

    Moderator, "Sustainable Food and Health Care Systems"

    Teddy Lhoutellier is the current Sustainability Manager for the University of Miami. Renewable Energy, Sustainability and Environmental Science are his passion. He started at the U in 2014, implementing the University's first comprehensive Sustainability Action Plan, after receiving a Silver ranking through the Sustainabiilty Tracking and Assessment Rating System program. Teddy graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida International University, holding a MS degree in Environmental Studies - Energy Policy. He's also a LEED Green Associate.

    Also moderating "

    Dina Moulioukova

    Moderator, "Climate Change and the Loss of Cultures"

    Dina Moulioukova is a Lecturer of International Studies and Master of International Administration at the University of Miami where she teaches courses on Energy & Environment and Human Security. She is also an Assistant Director and co-founder of Global Security Initiative that for the last seven years hosted international interdisciplinary symposium on Environmental Sustainability and Energy Security at the University of Miami. Dina has completed her Ph.D. at the University of Miami with focus on innovative approaches to security studies. Prior to her studies at UM, Dina received her Master of Law degree law (LL.M.) at the University of Cambridge with focus on international law. Her current research concentrates on different aspects of security, with special emphasis on environmental security as well as emerging powers. Dina has also widely published on the topics of her research and is currently working on finalizing her book. In addition to her academic interests, she has been engaged in a number of US Agency for International Development and Library of Congress’ projects and has served as an expert in roundtable discussions by Council on Foreign Relations and USSOUTHCOM.

    Reverend Houston Cypress

    Keynote Speaker, "Love the Everglades"

  • April 20th

    Jessica Brumley

    Jessica Brumley, the vice president of Facilities Operations and Planning, joined the University in January 2018.  She is responsible for developing and maximizing the value of University-owned and operated real estate while providing strategic vision, leadership, coordination and administrative oversight to services that enhance the academic, and research experience of faculty, students, staff, and the local community.  Ms. Brumley is responsible for the following departments: Campus Planning, Design and Construction, Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities & Operations, Parking & Transportation, Emergency Management, Real Estate, Replacement & Renewal, and Space Planning & Analysis. She has contract administration responsibilities for a number of subcontracted University services. Ms. Brumley holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from the University of Pittsburgh.  In 2015, Ms. Brumley was a South Florida Business Journal’s 40 under 40 award winner.

    Jennifer Shaffer
    Portrait of Jenn Schaffer

    Jennifer Schaffer is the Director of Development, responsible for designing and deploying new and innovative renewable energy programs that meet the needs of customers while enabling the continued growth of renewable generation in Florida.  She has been with Florida Power and Light for 13 years and successfully led the development and launch of the SolarNow™ program with more than 50,000 customers enrolled. Her most recent accomplishment, the successful launch of the largest community solar program in the country, FPL SolarTogether™ is offering customers an innovative opportunity to join in the solar revolution and helping to make Florida a leader in clean energy. 

    Roberta Jacoby
    Roberta Jacoby, University of Miami Board of Trustee member and president of the Citizens Board, has left a lasting and positive legacy across nearly the entire cruise industry landscape, from disciplined multi-unit operations, destination development, sustainability, strategy to innovation, and more. She currently serves as an executive advisor, providing high-level advisory services to companies and private equity groups. Roberta has served as a senior member of the two largest world cruise brands, Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean Group, both publicly traded companies. Roberta has been recognized as a transformational leader equally well versed in mass market and luxury, with global and multi-generational experience. She inspired companies worldwide to reach environmental sustainability by sharing the vision and setting the goals while giving them the tools and resources they needed to achieve the same operational levels and cost structure while considering many aspects of the environment. Roberta also serves as a dedicated mentor by identifying and coaching high-potential employees and students to exceptional achievement and growth levels.
    Ashley Cook
    Black and white headshot of ashley cook

    Ashley Cook is a first-year Ph.D. student in the Marine Biology and Ecology department at RSMAS studying cetacean acoustics. She moved to Miami in 2017 and discovered Pure Barre while studying in the MPS program's marine mammal science track. Shortly after, she became a pure barre instructor at the Coral Gables studio where she shares her passion for this challenging, yet fun technique based in Pilates, dance, and yoga.

  • April 21st

    Theresa Pinto
    portrait of Theresa Pinto

    Moderator, "Biscayne Bay: The Health of Water"

    Theresa Pinto is an adjunct lecturer in Ecosystem Science and Policy and an attorney with the P.E.E.R. Group, a nonprofit public interest law firm that works on resiliency issues in the greater Miami area. Theresa holds degrees in Biology and Religious Studies from FIU; Environmental Science, Policy and Management from the UC, Berkeley; and a law degree from UM’s School of Law. She currently serves on the Greater Miami Housing Alliance Steering Committee to help implement the Affordable Housing Framework developed through community workshops led by Miami Homes for All. She also serves as a co-Chair of the Miami Climate Alliance’s Resilient Miami Working Group and in a partnership with the Environmental Justice Clinic at UM’s School of Law.

    Irela Bague

    Speaker, "Biscayne Bay: The Health of Water"

    Ms. Irela Bagué is a bilingual public affairs and communications consultant with over 20 years of experience in Florida with a focus on business development, public involvement for public infrastructure, water resources, everglades restoration, sustainability, storm resilience and sea level rise.

    Mat Anderson
    Portrait of Mat Anderson

    Speaker, "Biscayne Bay: The Health of Water"

    Matthew Anderson is currently the Senior Sustainability Analyst for the City of Coral Gables. His primary responsibilities include coordinating and managing all of the environmental, sustainability, and resiliency initiatives in the City. This includes, but is not limited to, overseeing the development and implementation of the City's Sustainability Management Plan, acting as the staff liaison for the City's Sustainability Advisory Board, working across all city departments to develop policies and actions to reduce energy, water, and fuel consumption while also reducing over greenhouse gas emissions. Responsibilities also include assisting in expanding the City's electric vehicle fleet and charging infrastructure and coordinating the majority of the city's community environmental events and environmental awareness campaigns. In addition, he also coordinates the City's participation in the SE Florida Regional Climate Compact and is involved in developing climate change and sea level rise adaptation and mitigation strategies. He’s a LEED AP O+M and Envision Sustainability Professional.

    Alexandra Norelli
    Alex is a student leader as part of the Rosenstiel School's Marine Science Graduate Student Organization (MSGSO).  As graduate student in the Marine Ecosystems and Society department, she does research on tropical tuna behaviors and management strategies.  She has been leading Make and Meditate for the past year as an effort to reduce stress and improve mental health awareness on the Rosenstiel campus. 
    Donna Shalala

    Speaker, "The Masters of Arts in International Administration Presents: Reflections on the Peace Corps"


    Carol Bellamy
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    Ella Pokrifka
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    Jack Urqhuart
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  • April 22nd

    Mauro Galetti
    Dr. Mauro Galetti is a tropical ecologist at the University of Miami and Director of the Gifford Arboretum. His current research centers broadly on the effects of animal extinction on key ecological, evolutionary and ecosystem processes. Dr. Galetti has intensively worked in understanding how trophic cascades propagates in tropical forest and savanna ecosystems. He has long experience in tropical forests in Brazil. Dr. Galetti is also responsible for auditing one of the largest dataset on the Biodiversity of the Atlantic forest of Brazil. 
    Michael Grunwald
    Now a senior writer for Politico magazine, Grunwald has worked at The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and Time, and received numerous awards, including the George Polk Award, the Worth Bingham Prize, the Society of Environmental Journalists Award, and the Sierra Club’s David Brower Award for his work. The author of “The Swamp: The Everglades, Florida, and the Politics of Paradise,” and “The New New Deal: The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama Era,” he is writing a book about food production.
    Kenny Broad
    Kenny Broad is a professor at UM’s RSMAS and the Director of the Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy. He studies the use and misuse of scientific information. He regularly collaborates with ecologists, climatologists, hydrologists, psychologists and a range of other strange ‘ologists’. Broad and the late Wes Skiles received the National Geographic Explorer of the Year award in 2011.
    Jennifer Niemann
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    Lynee Turek-Hankins
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  • April 23rd

    Terri Hood
    With a PhD in marine geochemistry, my research years were focused on assessing human impacts in coastal ocean environments using a variety of geochemical and biological analytical approaches. On a personal note, I’ve been a gardener since childhood, with a particular interest in backyard ecology, permaculture, edible landscaping and food forests, as well as everything to do with healthy soils. I’ve merged these two life aspects in my teaching at UM over the last 20 years, happily leading students through all sorts of analyses to help them understand biogeochemical processes taking place in their own backyards. I also co-teach field courses to places around the world, where we study how other cultures connect with their environment in useful and healthy ways. Terri is the Undergraduate Program Assistant Director at the Abess Center for Ecosystem Science & Policy, University of Miami
    Sandy Koi
    portrait of Sandy Koi

    Sandy Koi is an entomologist currently in the doctorate program at Florida International University, where she also teaches Everglades Ecology. She is well known for her conservation efforts for the Atala Hairstreak! Ms. Koi will share her current research on at-risk plants and their specialist insects endemic to the globally endangered Pine Rocklands in Miami-Dade County.