Food recovery

The Canes Community Food Pantry is now open! Any student who feels food insecure is welcome to pass by. The Canes Food Pantry works with Good Samaritan, a food bank funded by a Canes alum. It is located in Lakeside Village, behind the Lobby A, across from the Fountain (current "Music Room").
Hours of Operations: Monday - Thursday, 3 - 7 pm ; Friday, 11 am - 2 pm
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and University Holidays

The 'Canes Food Pantry program was created by students of ECO Agency to provide food relief for low- income students and campus community members and reduce food waste from local grocery stores.

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UM DINING partners with Miami Rescue Mission to divert and donate Food.

FY 2020: 23,230 Lbs of Food
FY 2021: 11,260 Lbs of Food 

FY 2022: 25,186 Lbs of Food 

Donate Food with ECO FOOD ALERTS:  COMING SOON....

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Florida Food Waste Prevention Week - Food Future Hack 2022


2021: UM co-organizer of the Florida Food Waste Prevention Week Virtual Hackathon