ECO Rep program

Are you a student resident at UM with a passion for the environment, or do you just want to have a positive impact on your peers and improve sustainability on your campus?
Become an Eco-Rep now! Start helping your fellow residents on environmental issues like waste reduction, energy and water conservation


Learn about our program below, you will have a chance to apply for the Spring, APPLY NOW to our FALL 2019 recruitment campaign!

Position Description & Requirements

  • Must be a UM student living on campus
  • Passionate about creating a sustainable environment within their residential college
  • Educate peers on ways to be more eco-friendly around campus
  • Work with other students on a flexible time frame to coordinate events and raise awareness
  • Meet with others in your building as well as the whole ECO Rep program to plan and discuss upcoming events
  • Benefits
    • Hold a leadership position on campus
    • Great experience to become an RA and/or ECO Agency member
    • Help build a sustainable future for UM
    • Be featured on the sustainability webpage
    • Receive a certificate of completion from the UM Office of Sustainability
    • Network with various departments at UM
    • Be trained in sustainability at UM
    • Have a lasting impact on UM’s housing environment

ECO Rep Responsibilities

  • Create and host 2 events per semester in your building to promote awareness about sustainability on campus. Events can be anything from tabling in the lobby to movie screenings to organized outings, to anything else you can think of!
  • Submit monthly audits with your building team regarding waste management, water usage, etc.
  • Spend 1-2 hours per week working on various responsibilities. The timing is flexible, so meetings and preparation can be done whenever it is most convenient for you and your building partners
  • Advertise upcoming eco-related events and encourage sustainable behaviors
  • Participate in events with other ECO Reps, like volunteer days and sustainability-related social outings

Meet our ECO reps 2018-2019 team. 

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 Download and print this sign if you need signage in your room.

Our ECO reps team 2018-2019:

ECO Rep Coordinators 2018-19
Stefanie Getz - Student Gov. ECO Agency liaison
Stefanie is a senior majoring in environmental engineering and working toward a certificate in sustainability. This is her third year in ECO Agency and previously, she was on Green Committee. She is now the ECO Agency Vice Chair and the ECO/ ECO Rep program liaison. She also is the president of the Florida Water Environment Association, vice president of Club Swim Team, and is involved with SCUBA club. She hopes to work in sustainability management or environmental engineering after graduation. She is dedicated to living sustainably and helping and educating others to do the same.
Ozette Ostrow - ECO Rep Coordinator 
Ozette is a senior from Michigan majoring in Ecosystem Science with minors in Spanish and Biology. She joined ECO Reps last year and is now the ECO Rep Director for the 2018/2019 academic year. She studied abroad in Ecuador with the UGalapagos program during the 2017 Fall semester, which strengthened her passion for the environment and nature, and is one reason why she became an ECO Rep. Ozette hopes to spread awareness and educate others on ways to become more eco friendly, especially when it comes to waste reduction, specifically with food waste and plastics. She hopes to make a change, no matter how big or small, and to inspire others to live sustainably as well. Overall, she is looking forward an amazing year with all of the ECO reps!

Building Leaders 2018-19

Alexis Cambridge 

My name is Alexis Cambridge and I am a sophmore from Slidell, Louisiana (outside of New Orleans). My major is Ecosystem Science and Policy on a Conservation Biology track. I have been a vegetarian for almost 9 years and I have recently began transitioning to zero-waste living! I decided to become an Eco-Rep to help make our campus as eco-friendly as possible and to help spread my own passion for environmental sustainability. I could not be more excited for the remainder of this year and to see what being an Eco-Rep will bring! 

Moeed Moussa

Benjamin (Ben) Coleman

I’m from North Kingstown, RI. I am majoring in Neuroscience and Spanish, with minors in Chemistry and English. As an ECO rep, I hope to spread awareness of the various environmental issues plaguing our campus and the world today. I have noticed that many do care for the environment, but often feel their contribution doesn’t do enough to help. I also hope to instill that change begins with the individual and that everybody’s contribution, no matter how small, DOES make a difference!

Sabrina Ullman: 
Sabrina is a sophomore majoring in Broadcast Journalism and Meteorology with a Math minor. This is her second year in Eco Rep and she was the building leader for Hecht last year. She works as a desk assistant in the UV and is on the women’s club ultimate frisbee team on campus, the Southern Tropical Depressions. She strives to become a broadcast meteorologist after graduating, preferably in Florida.


Benjamin Estrada: Benjamin is a freshman majoring in Comm. Honors - Journalism. He is a contributing writer for The Miami Hurricane newspaper and is involved with U-Informed and the American Sign Language Club. Eventually, Benjamin would like to work as a columnist or reporter for a news publication. He has a passion for sustainable living and hopes to educate his peers on how to live a greener life


My name is Mia Clarke and I am from Wilmington, NC. I am majoring in neuroscience while hoping to pursue minors in math and international studies. Moving from one part of the east coast to another, I have developed a keen passion for the environment. It is scientifically proven that spending time in nature boosts your mental and physical well being! I am an advocate for reducing consumerism, animal product consumption, automobile transportation, and overpopulation. If everyone does their part, we can have a much more sustainable environment. I am hoping to spread this message as an ECO Rep here at the U.


I’m Dante DiTommaso. I’m from Franklin Lakes NJ. I’m trying to major  environmental engineering but I’m undecided right now. I’ve never really been aware of the effects we, as a human race, have on the environment, but while studying abroad, i came across a beautiful lagoon that was completely filled with plastic on the beach... this, in collaboration with the documentary “A Plastic Ocean,” alone made me open my eyes to the fact that we need green initiatives to start by helping our own community before going any further. My goal by the end of my 4 years here is to make this campus as clean and green as possible. 

ECO Reps 2018-19

My name is Sedona Rose Webb and I am from Ridgewood, New Jersey. I am majoring in Public Health/Epidemiology on a pre-med track. I believe that the environment has a significant impact on public health, and so I’m happy to be part of an effort to improve environmental wellbeing. As an Eco Rep, I want to encourage others to reduce their consumption of plastic goods, reuse what they can, and clear any and all misconceptions about recycling. An eco-friendly campus is the first step to a more eco-friendly world! 
My name is Sydney Burnett. I'm from Jupiter, Florida. I am a freshman at UM, majoring in public relations & coastal sustainability. On campus, I am also involved with Distraction magazine, Surfrider and the Catholic campus ministry. Over the past year, I have been transitioning to a zero-waste lifestyle! I wanted to be an Eco-Rep because of my passion for sustainability and my love for spreading environmental awareness, especially in coastal communities. I am so excited to see the positive impact that this program will have on our campus and community this year!

Sofia Mesa: Sofia is a freshman double majoring in English and Ecosystem Science and Policy. Born and raised in Miami, Florida Sofia developed her compassion for animals and the environment in sunny south Florida! She is a Hammond Scholar and is involved in Plant-Based Canes, English Honor Society, the Miami Hurricane, and an intern at Debris Free Oceans, a local nonprofit dedicated to education on and management of plastics in our oceans. Sofia hopes to eventually attend law school and open her own environmental law practice or conduct research on ocean conservation. She is a proud advocate of both a vegan and zero waste lifestyle and hopes to push these values forward in her life every day. 

Brandon Runner: I am a freshman pursuing environmental engineering and sustainable design. I am an ambitious environmental activist that loves to contribute towards the well being of our earth. I am specifically intrigued by green alternatives for producing energy and have previously organized various marine conservation projects. I am enthralled to be involved UM's sustainable ecosystem and am looking forward to an exciting year.

My name is Katie Lesh and I am from Syracuse, NY. I am majoring in Architecture with hopes of also majoring in either History or Latin American Studies as well as minoring in ecosystem science and policy.  With my degree, I hope to own an architecture firm that focuses on designing low income, sustainable urban living. Growing up, I have always enjoyed being outdoors, especially because my house backs up to forests and hills and I live in close proximity to lakes and mountains. Seeing the beauty of nature every day while I was growing up has made me want to preserve and care for it so that we can enjoy all it has to offer. I wanted to become an ECO Rep in order to be able to spread awareness about sustainability all across campus as well as be able to learn about caring for the environment in new ways. As a university, we can all reach out to others across the globe and make the Earth a better place for all, one step at a time!


Moeed Moosa: I’m a sophomore from Orlando, Florida. I am majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Chemistry and Microbiology. I wanted to become an ECO rep at the University of Miami because I am very passionate about conserving Earth’s resources and I am motivated to make a positive impact both environmentally and socially at this campus. As we all progress into the future, I think that our roles as individuals and the environmental related decisions we make will either make or break this planet we call home. I want to continue to raise awareness about actions all of us can take to reduce waste and to live greener everyday. I’m very excited for this school year, and I look forward to see the positive impact this program will have!

My name is Olivia Zukowski and I am currently a freshman at the U! I am pursuing a major in ecosystem science and policy and I hope to also major in political science and minor in French. Originally from Wantagh, New York, I have always had a passion for sustainability. I strongly believe that although we may have the same goals of reaching global sustainability, it is essential to listen to others in order to determine the best routes to reach our objectives. I hope that as an EcoRep at the University of Miami I will have the opportunity to talk to a diverse range of individuals in order to spread awareness and education regarding green living! 

My name is Megan Valcq, and I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am a freshman majoring in Marine Affairs and Environmental Engineering. I recently discovered my passion for sustainability after taking an Environmental Science class in high school. I decided to become an Eco Rep because I want to help promote water conservation and recycling here in the dorms. I hope that, as an Eco Rep, I can encourage others to help make the U a greener, more sustainable campus! 

Hello! My name is Grace Harden and I’m a freshman majoring in biomedical engineering. In addition to BME I hope to get a minor in marine science and arabic. I was born in Florida but I’ve lived in Rhode Island for most of my life. I was interested in joining eco reps because I am very involved with the ocean, I sail and scuba dive, and I want to do as much as possible to protect it. I’m sure everyone has seen the videos of animals, like turtles being strangled because of plastic and I just want to help animals and help the planet in general. Thanks!

Natalia is a freshman pursuing a double major in Ecosystem Science & Policy and Biochemistry. She embraces sustainable, heath-conscious habits and aspires to exemplify the importance of global awareness, regard for our environment, and personal wellness. On campus, she serves on the Health Advisory Committee as a Health Outreach Peer Educator and is an active member of Girl Up. In the future, Natalia hopes that her fresh perspective will catalyze progress in the fields of environmental health and sustainable product development. As a strong advocate for conscious consumption, conservation and welfare, and waste reduction; she hopes to contribute to inspiring the student body to join in embrace sustainability!



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