ECO Reps


Are you a student resident at UM with a passion for the environment, or do you just want to have a positive impact on your peers and improve sustainability on your campus? Become an ECO Rep now! Start helping your fellow residents on environmental issues like waste reduction, energy and water conservation.



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ECO Rep Responsibilities

  • Create and host 2 events per semester in your building to promote awareness about sustainability on campus. Events can be anything from tabling in the lobby to movie screenings to organized outings, to anything else you can think of!
  • Submit monthly audits with your building team regarding waste management, water usage, etc.
  • Spend 1-2 hours per week working on various responsibilities. The timing is flexible, so meetings and preparation can be done whenever it is most convenient for you and your building partners
  • Advertise upcoming eco-related events and encourage sustainable behaviors
  • Participate in events with other ECO Reps, like volunteer days and sustainability-related social outings
  • Collect coffee ground for our garden soil amendment: UM gardens

Position Description & Requirements

  • Must be a UM student living on campus
  • Passionate about creating a sustainable environment within their residential college
  • Educate peers on ways to be more eco-friendly around campus
  • Work with other students on a flexible time frame to coordinate events and raise awareness
  • Meet with others in your building as well as the whole ECO Rep program to plan and discuss upcoming events
  • Benefits
    • Hold a leadership position on campus
    • Great experience to become an RA and/or ECO Agency member
    • Help build a sustainable future for UM
    • Be featured on the sustainability webpage
    • Receive a certificate of completion from the UM Office of Sustainability
    • Network with various departments at UM
    • Be trained in sustainability at UM
    • Have a lasting impact on UM’s housing environment



Zero Waste Initiatives at the U


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ECO Rep Executive Team

My name is Reid Jansen and I am currently a freshman here at UMiami from Sioux City, Iowa. As of now, I am pursuing a degree in Geological Science with a second major in Marine Science. Conservation and sustainability have been a major passion of mine for as long as I can remember. As an ECO Rep, I look forward to pursuing various opportunities across campus to continue to make our carbon footprint even smaller. I am more than excited to make as much of a difference as we can and change UMiami for the better! 

Contact me at  

My name is Ulyana Pogibelnaya, and I'm a Psychology major on the Pre-Medicine track at the University of Miami. Originally, I am from Orlando, Florida. Throughout my life, I've been incredibly passionate about environmentalism and actively advocate for increased sustainability. I'm excited to work with ECO Reps to not only expand sustainability within the dorms but also spread awareness to promote environmentalism throughout the university. I have full confidence that together ECO Reps can work to ensure a greener future. 

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