Yard waste and food waste

Green Waste

Part of our landscaping grass, leaves, clippings, pruning, branches and other plant debris are composted and used as mulch onsite, the rest is sent to a local mulching facility. 

Learn more about our Coffee Ground for Plants program
A great partnership between Students, Green U, UM Dining and Starbucks at Richter Library. Learn more

Food Waste

Composting Pilot in the Garden:
The Sustainable Garden in the Arboretum hosts a pilot composting site composed of 3 drums. Food waste collected from selected Farmers market vendors and University Village residents is turn into soil that is used directly by the garden. Learn more

Tray-less Dining Halls: The two main dining halls on the Coral Gables Campus have gone Tray-less.
This program was developed in cooperation with Student Government and Dining Services. The purpose of this program is to reduce food waste and water/energy use associated with the use of dining hall trays

We recycle more than 15,000 Lbs of Used Cooking Oil a year:
According to the National Renderers Association, the North American rendering industry renders and recycles approximately 59 billion pounds of inedible animal by-products annually. In addition, the production of end utilization of biofuels through cooking oil recycling is growing more important year by year. Discover what happens to our Used Cooking Oil when it gets recycled: Learn more